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Cosmetic dentistry is more concerned with the appearance of a patient’s smile than with their health. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the alignment, shape, color, and size of a person’s teeth and mouth, as well as the appearance of the gums and bite, through treatments and procedures to improve the alignment, shape, color, and size of the teeth and mouth. If you are concerned about gaps, discolouration, misalignment, or any other obvious dental condition, cosmetic dentistry may be of interest to you. The following are some of the most frequent procedures and treatment programs offered to people seeking the assistance of a cosmetic dental professional.

At Dr. Hessa by addressing dental issues we also deliver beautiful and healthy smiles. The dentists at Dr. Hessa are skilled in cosmetic dentistry procedures developed to correct issues like staining, cracks, chips, gaps, missing teeth, issues with teeth structure, and teeth that appear crooked or crowded, helping patients throughout the city to get the beautiful smiles they’ve been hoping for.



A wide range of elective treatments and techniques are included in cosmetic dentistry. It even boosts the patient’s self-esteem significantly. It can also make you seem younger by preventing oral problems in the future. It provides tremendous potential for persons who have their smiles restored.

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There are a variety of “Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures” to choose from, and it all relies on the patient’s dental condition. The dentist will be able to determine which one will be most effective in improving your smile. Teeth whitening, veneers, implants, crowns, shaping, bonding, and orthodontic treatment are examples of cosmetic dental operations.

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Our dentist will advise you of any potential hazards and treatments for any side-effects throughout your examination and diagnosis. All treatments are painless, with sensitivity to your needs, local anesthesia where necessary, and sedative treatments to help you relax.

The cost of Cosmetic Dentistry treatment really depends on the individual’s diagnosis, the dental practice, the type of treatments needed, and the materials used.

Cosmetic Dentistry treatment costs are determined by the individual’s diagnosis, the dental practice, the treatments required, and the materials used.