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Although it may be hard to completely eliminate all psoriasis scars, there are treatments that can help to minimize their severity. Treatment may focus on treating the plaque lesions in some cases to help lessen the likelihood of scarring. Every treatment has advantages and disadvantages. The cost of treatment varies greatly based on the severity and size of your scars, the length of treatment, your dermatologist, and other factors.

There is no cure for psoriasis. However, we can treat its symptoms. Laser treatments, topical ointments, and oral medications can be used to control psoriasis. Laser therapy is used to deliver ultraviolet light to skin affected by psoriasis. Light energy can slow the growth of skin cells contributing to psoriasis and extend remission cycles for patients. Our dermatologists can discuss which treatments may be best for you during your psoriasis consultation.


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Patients who have been diagnosed with psoriasis and are looking to reduce symptoms may be candidates for psoriasis treatment.

Sensitivity and redness around the treatment area are common after laser psoriasis treatment, but should subside within a few days. Most patients resume their daily activities immediately.

Laser psoriasis treatment, topical ointments, and oral medications can each reduce the symptoms of psoriasis and control flare-ups. Laser therapy can reduce redness, scaly patches, itching, and cracking skin caused by psoriasis.