Dental Implants

At Dr. Hessa, we’ve discovered that dental implants can significantly improve the quality of life for our patients in Qatar. Dental implants can improve our patients’ overall health, while helping them gain the confidence¬† that comes with a healthy, natural-looking smile.

There are numerous advantages to using dental implants to replace lost teeth, the most important of which is that they:

  • After tooth loss, keep the bone structure intact.
  • As no bridgework is required, neighbouring teeth’s health can be preserved.
  • Function and feel like natural teeth
  • By preventing bone loss, you can improve the appearance of your face.


Losing a tooth may be upsetting, not just in terms of how you appear, but also in terms of how it can lead to various physical issues that might damage your health and prevent you from smiling confidently. It is critical to replace missing teeth with dental implants as soon as possible to avoid health complications such as bone loss, tooth shifting and drifting, jaw joint difficulties, and so on.

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Our patients report that there is little to no discomfort and minimal to no swelling when an implant is placed.

Brushing and caring for implant-supported teeth is similar to brushing and caring for natural teeth, with the exception of flossing. You’ll need to see your dentist and hygienist on a regular basis for review and maintenance, just like you would with natural teeth.

In many circumstances, implants can be inserted at the same time as the tooth is extracted, and a temporary tooth can be created at the same time. In other circumstances, the implants are inserted and must recover for a period of time before the final tooth is placed.

The cost of implants is determined by the quantity of implants you require, the state of your teeth and jawbone, and the sort of replacement teeth your dentist creates.