Crowns & Bridges

A crown is a dental restoration that covers the tooth and restores its shape, size, and function to its original state. A crown is used to repair teeth that have been damaged or deteriorated to the point that fillings are no longer effective, as well as to improve the aesthetic of the tooth. After root canal treatment, a crown is utilized to seal the tooth and prevent it from fracturing.

A dental bridge is made up of two crowns, one for each side of the gap. Natural teeth or dental implants support dental bridges. Dental bridges, on the other hand, literally bridge the gap left by one or more missing teeth.



  • Restoring your smile as well as your ability to chew and communicate appropriately
  • Maintaining your face’s shape
  • By replacing missing teeth, you can properly distribute forces in your bite.
  • Keeping the rest of the teeth from sliding out of place



Your dentist will anesthetize the area around your teeth before placing a dental crown or bridge. Any decaying tissue must be removed before a dental crown may be placed. The tooth will next be decreased in size to make room for a dental crown. Each tooth on each side of the gap must be prepped for dental crowns before a dental bridge can be put.

Your dentist will take a dental imprint or an oral scan of your mouth after the tooth or teeth have been prepped and send it to a dental lab so that the permanent restoration may be created. In the meanwhile, a temporary crown or bridge will be placed on your teeth to safeguard them. While your mouth adjusts between the first and second consultations, you may notice moderate tooth sensitivity. You will return to the clinic in about 1-2 weeks to have the permanent crown or bridge evaluated for fit and then cemented in place.

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A crown or bridge can last for between five to 15 years or even longer if you take care of your teeth.

This will depend on your situation and clinical needs. A good quality restoration will take several weeks to be manufactured meaning that you will need at least two appointments several weeks apart.