LED Light Therapy


A few inches away from the patient’s face, we place LED panels. Because the lights are extremely bright, eye protection is also worn. We give [the skin] a 15- to 20-minute treatment. It feels warm at first, but patients say they enjoy it. There are no burns or skin injury as a result of the light. It’s almost harmless, and the colors can even be soothing if you like lights. Depending on the outcomes you want to attain, you may require up to ten sessions in total.

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LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment which, when correctly used, medical studies show to have no adverse side-effects. It has been used effectively for more than 15 years for both aesthetic and medical applications.

LED Light Therapy is suitable for all skin types and colors. It assists the skin’s own ability to rejuvenate itself by boosting collagen synthesis and stimulating wound healing.