Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation



Your intimate area, like the rest of your body, undergoes changes over time. Vaginal tissue might lose its flexibility, resulting in dryness and an unpleasant intercourse. Incontinence is also a problem for certain women due to muscular laxity in the area. Without anesthesia, incisions, or downtime, vaginal rejuvenation reverses some of these changes to provide more comfort and improve the appearance of the vaginal tissue.



It is a gentle treatment that stimulates the production of collagen, tightens tissue, and treats the inner walls of the vagina. It also treats vaginal atrophy caused by multiple childbirths, aging, and surgery. Vaginal tightening treatment can also alleviate stress urinary incontinence by strengthening the support tissues of the bladder, significantly improving the well-being of patients.

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A: This non-invasive device has been shown through clinical use to be both safe and effective. The treatment does not produce any side effects.

A: Once you achieve a full outcome, which usually requires a series of 3 treatment sessions, spaced 1 month apart, the improvements should be noticeable for about 1 year.

All of these issues relating to vaginal rejuvenation can be treated at HMC using cutting-edge techniques (Vag.HIFU, RF, and CO2 Laser) to help restore vaginal health, improve sexual satisfaction, create a more youthful vaginal appearance, and improve bladder control.