Diamond Peel



Excess oil, debris, and dead skin cells are removed from the skin’s surface, as well as blackheads and whiteheads, and fine creases and lines are improved. Acne outbreaks that are mild to moderate are minimized. Increases facial blood circulation, making it easier for other skin nutrients (serums, etc.) to be absorbed.



When you come in for a Diamond Peel, we’ll check your face for any damaged skin or other contraindications before proceeding. We’ll thoroughly cleanse your skin and apply a degreasing solution to aid the Diamond Peel’s removal of dead cells. The Diamond Peel Procedure will be performed.
After the procedure is completed, we’ll show you how much dead skin and debris were removed. After that, we’ll apply a calming mask to calm and moisturize your skin. You’ll look and feel revitalized when you leave the clinic, and you’ll notice the improvement right away!

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No, the Diamond Peel does not hurt. You may feel some abrasion and suction but there is no pain involved.

The Diamond Peel procedure takes approximately 45 minutes.