Vascular Laser



Anyone with red vascular lesions on any part of the body, especially the legs, should consider vascular laser treatment.


Vascular treatment can improve a patient’s health and quality of life in a variety of ways. These advantages are available without surgery, and vascular treatments can be completed quickly and with little downtime. Patients who receive vascular treatment benefit from increased circulation, as well as relief from discomfort and irritation caused by vein disorders.



All make-up and skin products should be removed before the treatment. As with all laser procedures, the patient will put on protective glasses before the procedure begins. The Vbeam laser produces both a “snapping rubber band” and a “cold wet spray” sensation at the same time. Anesthesia is not required, and the procedure takes only 15 minutes. Some people, especially those with rosacea, may get a small sunburn, but this is very transitory. The typical number of treatments required to achieve optimal results is one to three sessions. Depending on their medical history, most patients will be advised to avoid aspirin and motrin for one week before surgery.

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The type of laser utilized may have different possible adverse effects. Redness, bruising, swelling, and crusting are common adverse effects that are usually temporary.

No special preparation is necessary for vascular laser treatment, but it is important that the skin is not burned, as the laser used applies heat to the skin.