Chemical Peeling

There are two types of skin peels –Superficial and Medium-depth Peels. Both are very safe and effective in achieving a uniform exfoliation of the surface and lower layers of epidermis. Regular peels give your skin a healthy glow and slow down skin aging.

Superficial Peels: Advanced Rejuvenation Peels that are performed with a succession of exfoliating agents, such as Glycolic acid, Lactic acid,  Salicycle acid, Mandelic acid and Trichloro acetic acid. These are simple treatments, requiring no down time. The skin is refreshed immediately after the session and mild flakes of dead skin are exfoliatedthree to four days. High Concentrations of Trichloroacetic Acid used to achieve a chemical eye lift, rejuvenation of the back of the hands, treatment of acne and acne scars on the back and décolleté.

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